Carpe Diem

Learn Latin
and Ancient Greek


"Dan has been my Latin tutor for almost two years, and as someone employed full-time with many outside commitments, I have needed a lot of flexibility in my lessons. Dan has kept my interest and enthusiasm going even through times when my time is limited or the materials are especially dense. His sense of humor and patience have really made the difference. These lessons have been a wonderful investment in my love of languages." — Sara M.

"I’ve been studying with Daphne off and on since 2015. When I first started, I had a shaky understanding of grammar, and because I was interested in pursuing creative writing, my inability to dissect problematic sentences was a handicap. During my time with Daphne, I have acquired a foundational understanding of grammar as well as proficiency in the Greek and Latin languages. She guided me through this single-handedly: I’m an independent learner, studying completely outside an academic setting. Daphne is a remarkable teacher. She has an impressive ability to lead a person through complex concepts, while also bringing in qualities like gentleness, humor, and a broadened perspective. Over the years, Daphne has played an integral part in my literary and creative development.” — Dawn B., age 36, San Francisco Bay Area

"My son David, aged 16, worked weekly with Dan in Spring 2017. We homeschool and Dan's help was critical in helping David pass a placement test. As a homeschooler, my son particularly benefitted from working one on one with some one who is fluent in Latin. Dan got along well with my son and the hour long sessions flew by as a result." — Susan

"I have really enjoyed working with Dan this year. It has been nice to be able to get historical context from him for the passages we work on, and Dan is very good at finding ways to help strengthen my grammar and vocabulary, like rewriting sentences in different tenses. I have had a great time and I think I've learned a lot." — David, age 16