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We are a pair of classicists offering weekly tutoring in Latin and Ancient Greek to all levels of learners, beginning to advanced. Learn to read the classics in the original: Vergil, Homer, Cicero, Plato, Catullus, Sappho, etc. We specialize in:

A typical one hour session consists of going over questions from the homework, looking closely at problematic sections or exercises, oral reading, translating passages (both prepared and unprepared), reviewing forms, discussions of grammar and syntax, and an occasional vocabulary quiz.

While most of our tutoring is conducted over the phone or online, we also offer in-person tutoring in the Seattle and Seattle Eastside area.

If you are interested, please drop us a line according to the language you're interested in. Please also state your proficiency and your location.

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About Us

Daphne Kleps

Daphne Kleps earned her Ph.D. in Classics and a minor in Linguistics from Stanford University after receiving her undergraduate degree in Classics from Reed College. Daphne personalizes the study of classical languages for students ranging from teen to adult. She provides an immersive approach to language study and a love for the source material, while bringing in a wide range of external reference points to resonate with each student. Daphne also brings a deep knowledge of linguistic structure to her students, enriching their understanding of how classical languages work. Each course of study is individualized to the student and the time he or she can commit.

"There are so many ways to approach language study. Let's sit down and explore the way that is right for you, based on your learning style, time frame and enjoyment." — Daphne

"Daphne is an awesome Greek tutor. We went through Crosby and Schaeffer, after which we were able to work on Plato and Homer. Reading what is arguably the best philosophy and literature in the world in the original is a rare privilege and joy. Daphne is very patient and thorough, and brings a real love of language to her teaching. I give her my very highest recommendation. Think you don't have time to study Greek? I am a patent lawyer with three kids, so if I can do it, you can too." — Jeff B., Sunnyvale, California

"When I retired it was my dream to renew my study of Greek and Latin. I have been working with Daphne for 3 years. Daphne tailors the level of homework to what is going on in my life and suggests texts based on my interest. In Greek, we have worked through Athenaze, and a New Testament reader. We’re now doing Latin, using Ørberg, with the aim of reading some of the Vulgate. It has been gratifying and fun." — Esther S., San Francisco

More testimonials

Dan Yezbick

After earning a BA in Classics at Reed and an MA in Education at Stanford, Dan Yezbick taught high school Latin for 12 years, inspiring students to go on to study classics at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Harvard. In the summer of 2005 he studied with the Pope's Latinist, Fr. Reggie Foster, and agrees that "students of Latin shouldn't spend all their time learning how the piano and all its little hammers work, and instead sit down a little more often and play some Mozart."

"My son had a year of middle school Latin when he started with Dan, with the goal of finishing the second year of middle school Latin. Dan quickly put together an effective curriculum—from the choice of textbook to the supplemental reading and exercise books. He was not only knowledgeable, but also taught with passion. With Dan's help, my son completed a year's worth of material within three months and qualified for the next level Latin honors course at an elite high school." — Junmin H.

"I've recently started first year Latin. The usual reaction from people is 'Why? It's a dead language.' But Latin isn't dead, it's simply evolved and given birth to some of the world's great languages. Just think of how many Latin words like numerus, populus, or antiquus that you already know the meanings of without ever having studied the language. Pretty lively for a 'dead' language. I highly recommend learning Latin." — Cynthia R., San Francisco, California

"My son takes Latin lessons from Dan once a week. His teaching has great clarity and thoroughness, and he enriches the lessons with historical perspectives, local customs and cultural understanding. Alex enjoys his weekly lessons." — Winnie S., Oakland, CA